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July 22, 2014




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How many times have you come here?


He has risen indeed

Yes I was going to say I have seen this picture before.It must be a tradition. Time for confession huh. (Ha)

Found it!

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing

Buncha golfers, right?

As Monty Python said so hilariously 'Biggus Dickus'...

Is that a hymnal in your pocket or are you just glad to genuflect ?

An hour and a half of Sunday mornig big wood, that too long for me.

Oh look, University Roman. I remember 1980s graphics.

(All the good puns were taken.)

Speaking of, well, wood:

The Florida story to end all Florida stories.

(Gawker fleshes out the NSFW details. Even the URL wasn't SFW.)

Nice one, Spiny, especially he details in the NSFW version.

And here I was thinking this was your classic Florida beach story.

So there's a 'Little Wood'? That's a shame.

those would be splinter groups, jan

*snork* at damn near everybody.


The blog ate my post.

*shoots blog in the thigh*

If your church service lasts longer than four hours...

If "Big Wood" is in the house I won't be calling my doctor after 4 hours, I will be calling every woman I Know!

*snork* @ layzeeboy

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