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July 21, 2014


Alexander Kristoff snatches stage victory from brave Jack Bauer 

(Thank to all y'all)


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France should surrender now

Jack was probably setting up a perimeter (sip...sip....sip) whilst the Alexander dude passed him.

He was still tired from escaping from the Russian prison last week.

'24: the tour de force' - will jack bauer ever break this vicious cycle ?

Well, there's the problem. Nobody does well riding a vicious cycle.

*snork* @ Steve

No next season spoilers, please !

Here is where we *kick*stand

. . . sigh

Maybe Kristoff has The Override Device!!!


It's Monday night and all we've got is Bouffants en Bicyclettes. Kind of a drag.

Before I read the other comments, I am sure that I am dupicate in saying "I need a perimeter."

I said so in order to take a shot. You're welcome.

Yes, the shot homage goes to LeDud.

Yes, I usually read before I post, but this way I got two shots.

"Bauer could only finish 10th and with tears in his eyes."

If Jack's in tears, everybody better watch out.

boy dave must be in a reeeeeeeeaaaallllyyyyy loooooong conversation with that judge - aren't ya spose to keep yer legals brief ?

I accept the homage shot....as long as it is gin. PERIMETER....sip ....sip...Is it 5 oclock yet ?

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