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July 17, 2014


A man suspected of being drunk posed as a security screener at San Francisco International Airport long enough to direct a couple of women into a private booth for pat downs before real security staffers caught on to him, authorities said Wednesday.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Being polite and efficient gave him away.

If your goin' to San Francisco...


Yeah, I'll bet they're hush-hush to comment on the story. Maybe they'll put up warning signs on the door that say female passengers can't be patted by a male agent unless a female agent is present because we can't be responsible for every guy who shows up in a blue shirt and khakis with latex gloves; enter at your own risk.

He can't be any worse than the real guys.

The real screeners were busy trying to find Washington D.C. on a map.

I was going to say that too, Ms Flukey.

How can they tell them apart?

The scary part is that no one can tell a TSA groper from a run-of-the mill, drunk corporate groper.

Corporate Groper WBAGNAFARB.

Just sayin'

Thats what their TSA badge says
'Licensed to Grope'

If I wasn't a modern, sophisticated and enlightened man who deplores public drunkenness and is appalled by the crude, animalistic way in which he took advantage of these poor women for nothing more than a cheap thrill, I might think he's an absolute, freakin' genius. But I don't, of course, because that would be uncivilized and wrong. Women should be respected and honored. Especially, their nice squeezy bits.

I'd stay away from SFO for a while, Mr. Blog.

the incident started when Slighton entered the security area wearing khaki pants, a blue polo shirt and blue rubber gloves

Two by two, hands of blue...

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