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July 09, 2014


Florida Road Construction Sign Hacked To Show Extremely Vulgar Message

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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- is that like a 'fork' in the road ??

I don't see what all the fuss is about; "FLOSS HER RIGHT IN THE PLAQUE" seems like sound hygiene advice to me.

Before you know it the terrorists will be #%*ing into our (2o0%&^ and even the Blog won't ^@3$... Hey, what the heck ?

Florida drivers don't see anything on or around the road anyway, so what's the problem?

Personally, I'd like a little more detail on who "her" is.
Someone needs to nail the details on this story.
Wanna see something amazing. NO! Get your hands OFF me.
I mean, just ask your typical American first or second grader how many curse words and phrases they've hears.


People have no class. So harsh for everyone to see. There are plenty of people that talk like that.

Steve: Wouldn't first or second graders be "herd"?

Note the sign is from the Acme Barricade Co. I'm sure Wylie Coyote put it there to distract the roadrunner. Meep meep.

As Mr. Grammar Person knows, it should be "$%*# her correctly in the @!$^&".

Yes, to all. Pardon me. My wife totaled her car in a 3mph collision and we have been dealing with car salesmen.
The affair has dern near kilt me or, at the least, left me discombobulated.
On a related note, the phrase, "Oh Hell NO!" apparently does not mean what I thought.

Perhaps it was channeling Jimi Hendrix?

Drivers who attempt to follow those instructions could become distracted and cause a collision. It's a good thing most Florida drivers don't read the signs or follow instructions.

But then, Florida drivers really don't need instructions to cause a collision.

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