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July 17, 2014


Here's a nice story about him.


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That is a nice story. I hope the reunion goes well.

Very cool!

Go, Andy!

for someone who enjoys 'the thrill of the hunt' i wish you good luck & happiness in your quest !

Go Andy. I am glad you found your sister. May this be the first of many reunions.

Thanks, everyone! :) The search is definitely not over... half down, half to go!

A very nice heartfelt story.

I'm glad the tests have come down in price. For reasons too boring even by my standard, I'm supposed to have one in an effort to solve one of life's mysteries for one of my distant cousins. I'm almost afraid to be tagged in the systems as the descendant of a person who arrived in America without proper paperwork in 1620.

More power to you Andy. Also, NMUA, I also have a cousin issue. Apparently my aunt had a baby girl before she was married and only her sister (my Mum) knows about this. 'Cept now my Mum's told me. Kinda wish she freakin' hadn't 'cause we, ya know, have a history of breast cancer. Sheesh. In other news, went to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert. Most fun I've had with my clothes on since I can't remember when.

WTG Andy! It's a very slippery slope. My adopted niece had been searching for her birth mother for years. She found her but was told by her half-brother that his mother had no interest in meeting her illigitimate daughter. When my niece was dying of pancreatic cancer at the age of 39 she disregarded the mother's wishes and faced her at her place of employment (discreetly). The woman refused to speak to her or answer her questions about any history of cancer in her family. It was devastating to my niece, who died shortly thereafter.

I hated that woman for how she treated my niece, but had warned her that she was probably for a huge disappointment and unfortunately that was what happened. I'm afraid you might be in for the same treatment from your birth mother and just want you to be prepared for the worst. Still, I hope it works out for the best and admire your perservance. Best of luck!

Andy, I know how long this has been for you, my friend. I am so completely thrilled that you have this most amazing opportunity in front of you. May your connection with your sister be swift and joyous and may it bring both your families wonderful delight!

Thanks again, everyone. This is going to be a fantastic weekend.

Jan, I'm sorry to hear about the family medical history. That's one of the main reasons I was searching, too. Hopefully your lost cousin will be okay and will find the way back to your family, if that's their choice.

ubetcha: *sigh* That's horrible, and I would likely have done the same thing that your niece did. But please don't hold it against your niece's birth mother. Right or wrong, there are so many emotions and situations at play with adoptions that logic flies out the window quite a bit. There can be mitigating circumstances that no one is aware of which may have caused the initial rejection. Confronting her at her workplace was also not likely to yield the results that she wanted, either. The road ahead of me is still a long one, and I'm realistic about what my results may be. In the end, I have a WONDERFUL family that took me in and raised me, and they will always be my family.

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