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July 02, 2014


If you know what we mean1

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)



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His gut must've scoffed at whatever he had eaten.

Too bad she's not Belgian.

Don't scoff at my quaff!

she shoulda kicked 'im in his brazil nuts

yay farts in the news.

According to The Simpsons, in Brazil, they just call them "nuts".
Can you verify this, Dave? Of course, you will be excused if, for some reason, you do not want to ask someone, "What do you call your nuts?"

Hey, something else we can make a federal crime.

Was it done in her general direction?

Hey look, Monty, pythons!

Indeed, PirateBoy. He was taunting her.

Scoffing food is correct ("alteration of dialect scaff to eat greedily"); "scarfing" is a neologism created by error. But it's been around so long it's supplanted the original.

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