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July 17, 2014


I just received a shipment of books. Here's the cover:


I think this is the Japanese, or maybe Korean, version of You Can Date Boys When You're 40. But I don't know for sure. Does anybody out there know? Can anybody tell me what the cover says? Thanks.

If it is my book, I have to say it looks a lot nicer without me on the cover.

UPDATE: So It's Korean. Thanks to all who offered suggestions on what it means, including those of you who were flagrantly lying.

This came from The Amazing Steve:

Hi Dave,  A friend at work, Jong, was able to translate the cover:

What Women/Girls Want

Funniest Guy in the US Dave Barry

Very Funny and a Little Bit Helpful Parenting and Other Stories

"This book was so funny, I fell off my chair. Good thing there was a blanket to fall on" - Stephen King\

 The two lines on the upper half of the book say "Dave Barry" and the translator's name.


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My non-expert opinion is:

It is definitely not English.

You are welcome Dave.


Well you could just type the letters into Google translate and see what it says... ;)

Korean or Japanese.

And I know my Asians.

Definitely Korean. You can tell because of all the circles in the characters.

The picture is from Shutterstock© but I can't get the text to recognize.

Dave, I put "You can date boys when you're 40" into Google Translate, and this is what it gave back when I asked for a translation into Korean:

당신이 40 살이되면 남자와 데이트 할 수 있습니다

Hope it helps!

And here is what "Dave Barry" looks like in Korean, per Google Translate:

데이브 배리

(No trouble at all. You're entirely welcome.)

It's Korean. The title says something like, "What women expect."

And 데이브 배리 does appear next to her ear, so even if it's not your book, you're definitely involved somehow.

I'm rusty, but I think it says:

A Girl's Expectation

Dave Barry, America's extremely funny comedian, has an extremely funny and helpful discussion about children's education.

Sophie in high school. Or possibly now.

Who says Koreans don't do funny?

"America's extremely funny comedian"?

^ What should they have said? "America's extremely temperamental ballet dancer"?

I'm not sure but I think it also says "Number one fan of great American singer Barry Manilow." I could be wrong.

If you are dating a man 40 years old, you can!

Situations obscure in birth and rearing by the uninformed baritone second King of Judah.

Originator of popular madness in major American population centers.

Now with relative information on habits of badgers and the effects of entertainers similar to PSY and Super Junior on youth!

The Girls Want Us

America's Funniest Man, Dave Barry's Story.

That's the most I can get on that myself. I'm asking for help on the rest.

cindy, that's the way I read it too.

Also, at the bottom it says, PS Edgar is still dead"

From purely surprise winner :
Dating boys for tea
Canning dates, 40 shades of berries
Paren Ting in the tropics

Thank God, that's been cleared up...

This is pleasing to my life force.

As with those who sport foreign-language tattoos with surprise interpretations ("This side up" in Korean for a tramp stamp that was supposed to be "God loves you"), it means whatever you wanted it to mean.

This is an example of crowdsourcing at its finest.

Come on, Dave, ask us some more!

Yes, this is Korean, not Japanese.

Title: What all women want

America's funniest man, Dave Barry, writes funny stories with very little educational value on raising a daughter, and some other silly stories.

_not_making this up.

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