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July 15, 2014


Taco Bell employee shoots customer angry over lack of service

(Thanks to Alkali Bill and The Perts)

(We saw Alkali Bill and the Perts open for Creedence.)


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The guy wanted tacos at 4 a.m. Is that so wrong?

Tantrum boy is lucky he pulled that stunt in Massachussetts. Where I live, there's a good chance that his target would have returned fire with a gun that didn't shoot BBs...

think outside the gun

Yes, we can.

I am one of the few...(Taco Bell employee of the month July-1977) and I can say emperically, or however you say that, that we were not trained to shoot customers. If we felt threatened, we were trained to use the GREEN salsa squirter bottle to defend ourselves. Of course that stuff was probably more dangerous than a bb gun........

I thought Taco Bell was a WMD. Who needs a gun?

Leave the gun, take the TacoLoco.

Three words: Weaponized Bean Dip.

when you bite the staff you should get stung w/pellets

The employee should note that Comcast is looking for customer service reps with a similar mindset and skills.

Snork @ ligirl...

It’s not clear if Noska has a lawyer.

Or a brain!

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