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July 16, 2014


You predicted this several years ago in one of your columns.

Long live the Herald of Miami!

-- Your fan, Gary Vollenweider


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One local artist has a mobile unit that can come to you to start the removal process.

Usually he removed gang and trafficking tats (for free as a part of his ministry), but he will remove or cover up for other customers as well.

I almost got a butterfly tattoo on my ankle once. Then I remembered how I almost faint when I get a tetnus shot so I decided against it. I can stick a needle in anybody but when the needle is pointed at me it's a whole different story.

Hey, there are plenty of other Antonios in the sea.

If the enduring long periods of indescribable, acute pain concerns you, Flex Seal is a temporary solution.

OK, fans, question:
If you decided to get a "Dave Barry" tattoo, what would it look like and where would it be located?
Difficulty: you may not choose a location anywhere on BM's body; it must be your own.

Personally, I have never regretted either of my two tats. One is a tribute to my best friend who I've now known over half my life, and the other is Scooby Doo which I've loved since I was 3 or 4. But neither is in a location where anyone can see them when I'm wearing normal clothes.

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