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July 03, 2014


Thanks for all the nice birthday messages. I can think of no better place to spend my birthday than here in the beautiful and sometimes insane city of Rio de Janeiro, although I am shocked to learn, from the story Judi posted below, that there is alcohol being sold here. Rest assured that I will look into this.


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Happy Birthday Dave - we share the day! I'd much rather share a birthday with you than with Tom Cruise!

I suggest testing to see if it really is beer. This might need to be done repeatedly.

Happy Happy Birthday Dave and may you have many more. The World Cup sponsor is Budweiser. Hmmmm. it's okay tasting not my favorite though.

Happy birthday, Dave! Treat yourself to something that will always remind you of Brazil. And another bag of frozen peas.

Happy Birthday, Dave! Let's all chip in and buy him a blue shirt.

The only thing better would have been if Rob Ford was there to celebrate with you.

Ms. Flukey, we not only bought Dave a blue shirt, but we already washed and dried it and hung it in his closet!

It's got that great broken-in feel already!

After looking into this, have a subject of your inquiry show the people of Rio what alcohol and implementation of our 4th of July celebrations can mean for their county.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

I feel much safer knowing that you are looking into this Dave. Every one there should thank you, individualy.

Happy Birthday to you, dear Dave
You are absolutely my fave
So have lots of fun
Under the Brazilian sun
Eat (and drink) whatever you crave!


My annual note to kvell (ask Michelle) about how you and my son (also David)entered the world on the same day (different year, howsumever). Happy Day and year to both of you awesome guys!

Happy birthday to you, Dave. (and many more)

This Bud's for you...and this one...and...this one and...this one and this one....'scuse me I've got to pee.

Happy Birthday Mr. Language Guy

Happy Birthday, DB!!

(Dear Blog, or Dave Barry, whichever you prefer.)

How about possibly writing a book? "Dave Barry turns -Insert Date Here-?

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