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July 04, 2014


Make it a good one.


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They were "warning" us yesterday on the news: don't leave anything out for more than two hours, blah blah...that's just not the American way! We'll eat any damn thing we want and the bacteria can go back to whever they came from.

Celebrate responsibly. Go ahead and rejoice.

To make up for my previous disgusting song post, I offer the best 'Watchtower' you will ever witness. It's the Mahonany Rush guy.

Oh, lord. I was just about to check on the charcoal situation.
We, meaning "I", planned a simple six person family meal directly from the grill.
Then we, meaning "my wife", let it morph into a huge event featuring half the population of the Eastern US.
There isn't enough charcoal.

Minute men finish first.

What time should we get there, Steve?


Jeff, I plan on being there around 4 p.m.
As for all the picnic warnings, I'll leave my d@mn potato salad out for as long as I want! Then I'll eat it happily while holding a hot dog in one hand and a firecracker in the other. I may even run around with a couple of lit sparklers in my hands. Why? Because I'm an American that's why and the founding fathers fought for the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Even the right to be stupid. I hope everyone has a wonderful Independance Day full of good food, family, and fireworks.

My baby back ribs and baked beans were good. I had to eat mine early and then go to work but will celebrate more tomorrow

Have a happy and safe Fourth, everyone!

Theresa, ditto as to the baby backs and beans. I also has sweet potato fries with that, and cornbread.

NTTAWWT, damn it!

Just heard the obligatory "kid burned 50% of the skin off his body with a sparkler" scare story. Really? Are we making kids that dumb these days?

Then, of course, there's the Miami 9mm fire(works) celebration. Yes, they are that stupid.

did Mr and Mrs Blog see Pekerman in Brasil ?

Happy Fourth!

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