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July 03, 2014


Have a rockin' birthday !


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Happy Birthday Dave!! Stay alive in Brazil!!

Happy Birthday, Dave! :)


Happy Birthday, Dave! May most of your parts keep working!

From another 7/3 baby - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs13ou_bob-dylan-forever-young_music

happy 1st birthday as a granddad!

( - and if you don't let your daughter date boys til she's 40, this may be your only shot at grandhood)

Happy Birthday old man!

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

PS - Judi, you're fired.

Feliz Aniversário Dave.

Happy Pappy Birthday...and many more!...that is...if you ever reconsider letting your daughter date before the age of 40! ;-)

My son turns 21 at midnight. Does he need to give you a head start?

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Happy Birthday, Dave. Everyday's a new record.

Happy birthday, Dave!

Happy Birthday Dave and thank you for the decades of laughter.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Happy Birtbday, Dave!

Happy Brazilian Birthday, Dave!

Judi, I loved #1 and will forward that to all my Sweet Adeline friends on their birthdays. #2, not so much.

Happy Birthday Dave!

how 'bout #3?

Happy Birthday from Chilliwack (yes, that's a real place)!

Happy Birthday to Dave! The very thought of you makes me smile out loud♥

Happy Birthday, Smartass! New book, please!

Happy Birthday and Many More!!
It was great meeting you at your book event at the National Press Club last year.
Thank you for promoting screening for Colorectal Cancer. You are saving lives!

Happy Birthday ! When is another book coming out? I love your work!

Happy Birthday!
Dave was going to be born on the Fourth of July but got to the party just a little early.
He did appreciate the celebration of the event each year, I'm sure.

Happy birthday!

We all chipped in and got you a blue shirt!

Happy Birthday from Japan Dave
Stay in good health the Japanese way
Constrict Anus 100 times a day
No Malarky you will make it to 100 years old
And what a great book that will be
Joe in Japan

I'm sorry I didn't realize the 3rd was your big day--My hope is you'll forgive me and celebrate anyway. Next year--it will be different--I'll send to you a card, some silly, funny Hallmark thing, so best you be en garde.*

*Or on guard--depending on how you look at it. Best birthday wishes ever from an appreciate fan.

Happy birthday Dave.
Anyone who sells undersized peaches should be shot.

Hope someone makes you smile and laugh out loud as often as you've made me enjoy the written word. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Dave!!!

♪♫ This is your birthday song ♪♫
♪♫ It isn't very long ♪♫

And for the Manilow, at least she didn't choose We Live on Borrowed Time.

Happy Birthday to my favorite author! Your books have made me laugh at times when I didn't think that was possible. I hope you have a great birthday. Don't do anything we bloggers wouldn't do.

And what would that be, cindy?

I can't think of anything somebody here hasn't tried...or would, if double dog dared.

judi - as usual, there is no #3.

From one Dave to another, Happy Birthday!

Dave M.

is too!

Happy Birthday Dave!

today marks the first time i have ever seen the word "colorectal" in a birthday greeting. yours is truly a remarkable life, sir. keep it up.

I wish I could figure out something to type that would do any sort of justice to the magic your books have provided my life.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Have the happiest of birthdays, Dave! You bring laughter and the best of goofy times (reference: "24") to us all, and we appreciate you!

You have made me laugh hard for years. We are the exact same age and it feels like you understand. Have a swell birthday!

Happy Birthday to my favorite author!! Keep writing awesome books so you don't have to get a real job!

Dave, if your intent was to keep us laughing, then, as they say in this game misnamed "football", you have achieved your GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!


Happy birthday, Dave! You are such a masculine hunk of masculinity and you just ooze sexy, stud muffin from every pore; so you should probably take a shower. I love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy YOUR-day...enjoy it YOUR way!!!!!

Am I too late? I am, aren't I? I'm too late. Damn.

Dave Barry: Keeping His Readers Snorking for (XX) Years.

Many happy returns, and enjoy your soccer-themed vacation!

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