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July 16, 2014



Dylan Maxwell Barry with Petey the Dog. Dylan is like: "I'm blaming that on YOU."


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' snips & snails & puppy dog ta--- '

. . . Hey! Wait a minute !!!


Too cute for words !

It is good to learn the idea of plausible deniability early in life.

He's a beautiful baby. I can see a lot of good times ahead for the two of them.

It's pretty obvious Petey has just let Dylan in on 'The Plot'. Adorabubble.

Wow, them Barry men sure know how to help make some amazingly adorable babies!

Way to go, Rob and GrandBlog! Dylan gets cuter every day.

(Petey is still tryin' to figure out exactly what that small creature is...)

Oh, crap. I'm not gonna be able to top that photo.

Very cute.
Oh, the baby is, too.

I'm betting this photo resurfaces on the night of Dylan's first prom.

Way to introduce him to blue shirts early.

*Off to memory lane when my babies kicked their legs in little onsies...*


How long before Dylan is housebroken and leash trained?

It's two paws up little fella. That's how we get the tummy rubs, ok.

That's a great picture!

One of them has your eyes.

I see a Konspiratz forming here! But mebbe it's one in our favor - unlike the Squirrelkonspiratz. Yes! That's it! A CounterSquirrelkonspiratzkonspiratz. Additionally dedicated to making futbol into a 2-goooal per minute frensy and solving the climate problem by ignoring it.

Never mind deniability. These two are definitely plotting something.

Love of grandkid is like no other love. Makes ya high, too...I was addicted at first sight of my granddaughter. Fifteen years later, it's worse. You never recover.

He's just beautiful, Dave! I can't wait for the day he looks at you and says, "You're DAVE BARRY!"

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