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July 05, 2014


Yesterday we saw Germany beat France 1-0 on a beautiful day in Rio. Outside the stadium before the match an enthusiastic crowd was yelling many catchy slogans that we did not understand under the watchful eye of the authorities.


Here I am with some friendly German fans:


And here are some French fans with birds on their heads.


A possible reason why the French lost is that some of their male fans were wearing tutus, not that there is anything wrong with that!


 Also on hand was the king.



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If you had stayed home you could have watched German and French patriots go at it on WWII in Color then caught Elvis as the King in a country similar to Brazil. I'm going straight to hell. Thanks.

So when Brazil isn't playing the police can spot bazooks?

Dave meets the most interesting people when he's on vacation. I never meet people like this. I would love to know why the French guys were wearing tutus.

Because they're French.

Are they still playing? I thought it ended when the U.S. lost.

1. clearly the 'authorities' are holding back the crowd as the guy in the middle of the street with his arms extended carefully apprehends & pats down an obviously overly enthusiastic - albeit invisible - suspect

2. germans get leid - who knew ?

3. quel coqs!

4. quel coqs ? tutus!

5. if the king wears his balls on his crown then where are the family jewels ?
jes wondered . . .

If this important safety valve for nationalism had existed a hundred years ago, WWI might not have happened... although looking at the costumes, it's possible something worse might have happened.

No, there is DEFINITELY something wrong with that.

Dave your slipping up. No blue shirt. It looks green. Feeling green huh?

Theresa: look at the upper left-hand corner of this web page

glad Dave has not caved to the pressure to dress like the natives
men in tutuz should be out of sight
possibly on mars.

Firstly in re the guys in tutus: Probably much better they in them than not. (They're French). Secondly, the guy identified as the king is obviously Pope Francis in disguise. If you pay attention to news from the Vatican (I do), you know that the Pope missed several meetings in this time period due to 'mild indisposition'. This is Vatican talk for 'goofing off'.
And, it is well known that P. Francis is a futbol nut. 2 plus 2.

Did anyone notice that it appears this "King" has been sponsored by a major international soft drink company?

Re: King II.

"Is that my wife's fur jacket you're wearing?"

"No, it's ermine."

Are you sure this isn't one of our political conventions? U.S. senate? House?

I like the photo with the cow udders and the boob.

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