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July 09, 2014


Nebbi policeman attacked by tortoise

(Thanks to Another Ralph)

Another version here: Police officer shoots tortoise

(Also thanks to Ralph, but the other one)


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It would have been funnier and more appropriate had it read Nebbish policeman....

Just saying.

Flashing back on that scene in South Park where they explained that you have to shout "He's comin' right for us!" before you can shoot something...

What was it gonna do, give him a nasty suck?

I think that turtles are the oldest branch of reptiles around today (Testudines: 220 million years). Do NOT mess with them or the rock group either.

Definitely don't mess with a snapper.

or women. just sayin'

Don't mess with a determined tortoise.

I used long-nose pliers to take a hook out of the mouth of a snapper once.
He still has that hook.
And the pliers.

Tortoise probably didn't like being stuck in that cheap tank with the ramp and the plastic palm tree.

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