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July 15, 2014


When you have ten spare minutes and you feel like getting really worked up, listen to this.


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Their 'we want you back' letter makes up for it.

How can they say that ? Just because Danny Trejo comes out with a machete to cut off your " service " ...?

I couldn't have lasted as long as that customer. I would have asked for a supervisor after about 5 minutes.

It probably took another 10 minutes navigating the automated system before getting to speak to the helpful representative.

It's Comcastic....

FiOS arrived in my neighborhood in 2010 and I greeted them as a liberator. I am so much happier now than I was during my Comcast days.

My hat's off to the disgruntled customer.

After only two minutes of listening to Comcast Pajama Boy, I found myself dearly wanting to throat-punch the little...Joffrey.

lifelock tried to do the same thing to me when I cancelled.

I used a credit card to buy from a discount Internet site several years ago.
Four months later, after dozens of purchases that I hadn't made but they "thought you'd like", I wrote them a certified letter threatening to sue them into the Stone Age if they ever charged anything to any card in my name or any similar name.
I checked the other night and the company is belly up. I wonder why?
Seriously, if you're in business, don't take customer relations advice from the Attila the Hun School of Business.

Perhaps it is the darker side of my personality, but I love when they come to the "I can save you X amount of dollars every month" part of the conversation. It is at that point that I ask if they have been over charging me the whole time. While they are sputtering to try to answer I ask why on earth I would want to do business with a company that has been dishonest with me? Soon I am speaking to a supervisor. I tell the supervisor that their underling has informed me that their company has been over charging me and I ask when I can expect a check for the amount I was over charged. My service is usually cancelled right after that.

Mind you, the customer didn't even start recording until the runaround had lasted too long for him.

Fellow geezers will appreciate the irony that he is an AOL exec.

When I moved, they were the only option for home internet. To get hooked up (which required no installation as the house was already completely wired) it took 18 phone calls to three different numbers totaling 185 minutes* and 2 no-show appointments before I finally got Comcast to do the one thing they needed to do: flip the switch at the end of the block to activate the signal to our house.

*I know, a ten minute average on phone call length doesn't sound that bad. The problem is that three of those calls the automated system hung up on me, one of the calls I hung up because I was out of time to stay on hold. Also, one of the calls was to a number that I had just been told to call, only to find that it was after hours for that particular department.

This isn't customer service, it's a cold call from a telemarketer. But the way this guy handles the caller is friggin hilarious:


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