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July 03, 2014


So I celebrated by going to yet another beach (they have a LOT of beaches here). I did my part for international understanding by explaining to some locals that soccer (or, as they call it here, "jai alai") is a LOT easier if you use your hands. As you can see, they were amazed and grateful:


I also got a tattoo. I am told it is the same one sported by somebody called "Rihanna." It is very manly.


This man had an octopus, which, in accordance with local custom, he wore as a belt.


Here is the offical beer of the World Cup, seconds before being converted into an official World Cup bodily fluid.




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Happy birthday, Dave! Hope you're enjoying Brazil

RrrrrRROWw, Dave! My pulse rate just got really jai, and that's not alai.

Awesome shorts Dave.

Finally! A little cheesecake for us blog ladies. I second AmoebaStampede's RrrrrRROWw.

Is that an octopus on your belt, or are you just really glad to see me?

One beer, one pack. Appropriate.

Just don't look at the super size pic of the tattoo and surrounding landscape.
Happy B-Day tho Dave!

Boy, is Dave going to have buyer's remorse tomorrow when he wakes up and sees his new tattoo.

That tattoo really sets off the yogurty complexion. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!!!

You look like you had a nice birthday. The beach there looks great.

Glad you had a great birthday, Dave!

How many beers did it take to see Brahma?

Dave, you do know that it's winter down there right now, right

American interest in soccer, furtive as it was, takes a nosedive as we turn our attention to surf, beer and octopusses.

Weird how that tattoo doesn't cling to the contours of his body.

Except for the guy near the surf who is obviously transfixed by taking a pee, all others on the beach are running away from Senhor Blog and his tattoo. Just after the camera went 'click' (I know they don't do that anymore) the photographer dropped it and fled as well. I suspect.

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