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July 02, 2014


Has this kid been attending a lot of bachelorette parties or what??

(Thanks to WVPlantman)


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So Judi has seen this kind of "dancing" before? My real concern is, how did she know I was a curmudgeon? Must be my engraved geezer bus token.

Something about this makes me feel a tad uncomfy. Maybe it's just me which (trust me) wouldn't be unusual, but just sayin'.

They're just trying to get the beer guy's attention.

What on earth has that kid been watching?

Apparently they start 'em pretty young in Florida. Good thing there wasn't a pole nearby.

The Marlins need another fan or 2 to show up. Then they wouldn't need to keep showing the same kid over and over.

snork. good point, bob.

jan: that was my point. it's ...eeyew-y

He's dating Cher now.

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