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June 19, 2014


Scientists discover that spiders kill and eat fish too

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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They down airplanes too. I've seen it.

Thanks Florida!

Gosh, this really surprised me back in the Sixties when I first saw it.

But, of course they do. Dolomedes fishing spiders are common.
They are also large. I carried one out of a meeting, once. It covered the entire surface of the back of my hand and NOBODY got in my way.
Why it was attending the meeting is anyone's guess, because it was kind of dry.

Please just deal with them before they're lined up for the seafood buffet.

Steve: I often find them in a house near a lake in NH. I think they're looking for dessert.

Yeah, Ralph, they're beautiful.
I once held up a twig in front of a big female to see if I could get her to bite and I could if I could feel it.
She kept that twig.

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