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June 08, 2014


The English and Honduran national soccer teams, getting ready for the World Cup, played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami yesterday, and it was a very festive event, by which I mean there was a lot of beer. Here are some Hondurans preparing for the match in the parking lot by performing the traditional Dance With Drummers With Their Faces Covered As Though They Are About To Rob a Bank.


Here are some English fans with things on their heads (No, I don't know why) posing with some Honduran fans.


This English fan arrived early and remained enthusiastic the whole time.


Sitting in a box above us was David Beckham, shown here tossing an autographed cap to a young English fan.


The match ended in a 0-0 tie. Nobody cared.



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Did Mrs. Blog crash David Beckham's box?

Soccer-themed, Souvenir NO DOZ bottles available at the concession stand.

When watching a soccer match it's not important who wins or loses, it's how drunk you get. Because often nobody wins or loses.

The match ended in a 0-0 tie.
This is why soccer mystifies me. What is the point of a sport where you can play to a nil-nil draw in a championship? Baseball gets it right -- you play 'til someone wins and someone loses. (All-star games and Bud Selig notwithstanding.)

soccer is pointless, and that I guess is the point.
here in gringo-land we like things to matter, it is
important that we build things, and think things,
and be things. In the rest of the world, wandering
around for hours chasing a ball at mid-field in the
hot sun is considered a meaningful activity.

When soccer teams tie, everyone wins!

At one point during a youth soccer match that was about 80 miles away, I might have been quoted as saying "We drove 150 miles. Win or lose, I don't care. You tie, we won't stop for food on the way home."

The team managed to score a goal and hold on for a victory. Both teams invaded the local McDonalds.

I've heard David Beckham speak. Let's just say he sounds a tad, er, um, fey?

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