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June 24, 2014


4,500-year-old food items found in cupboard in Bristol

(Thanks to The Fourth George, who says this is what happens when men do the cleaning, as explained in this scientific paper.)


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"4,500-year-old food items found in cupboard in Bristol"

Isn't this the opening scene to Ghostbusters 2?

Men, Ha!
That's my MIL's refrigerator except that there's at least three of everything, at various stages of use.

Did any of the researchers bother dusting the top of the cabinet while they were up there?

That reminds me -- I have to decide soon whether to clean the fridge or go for the record.

I guarantee you, my late father in law would have eaten that without the slightest hesitation.

A Twinkie...?

It happened to me too, when while cleaning my fridge I found some unidentified food items. At least I assume it was food (a few years earlier), because, as I said I could not identify this stuff. Probably cheese or haggis.

Keith Richards' first stash of munchies.

they are 4,500 years old, not 45,000.

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