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June 11, 2014


This Man Spent 42 Hours Alphabetizing Every Word in Star Wars

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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“The video is meant to be provocative in its uselessness,”

Then, sir, you have succeeded completely.

I guess Darth Vader took up most of "H."

These aren't the words you're looking for.

Time for Mom to ask him to move out of the basement.

There is a seat in DC just waiting for this guy, he will fit right in!

48 hrs? huh - i bet the amazing steve could do it in 24 -

chloe Chloe! chloe CHLOE!!!

dammit Dammmit! DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!

JACK! jack Jack JACK!!!

perimeter! PERIMETER!! PERI...

ok. you get it.

ligirl is giving me a drinking problem! Good one too Clankie.

If he's a PhD working for Google, he doesn't live in his mom's basement. And I bet his paycheck isn't made out to Tom 7.

Someone needs to shoot him in the thigh.

Awesome, but completely dumb, everyone. Forgive guys having incredible.... um, well... you get the idea!

I would have thought there were more lightsabres.

The Farce is with him.

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