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June 18, 2014


Flaming raven starts forest fire, cuts power to Yellowknife

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sounds like our favorite county except the raven wasn't drunk. Wait...


I blame the squirrels

Wait -- didn't members of Flaming Raven go on to form Yellowknife? Can't keep my hair bands straight.

I saw Flaming Raven back before their guitar player exploded. Helluva show.

Quoth the Raven
I'm Hot,
Damn Hot.
I'm on fire with the ladies.

Come on baby lite my fire!

FYI: A flock of ravens is called an "Unkindness". Wonder what a flock of flaming ravens.......

This exact same thing happened in Anchorage when I lived there. Headline above the fold on the front page of Anchorage Daily News read-

Massive Power Outage Caused by Raven, Now Deceased

Not quite "headless body found in topless bar" good, but not bad. Also had picture of fried raven.

Wow, from the headline I thought the story would be about a gay bird arsonist.

What was that ...... Flaming A-hole raven starts a fire. No way man.

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