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June 23, 2014


US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany

(Thanks to Poker)


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No exit strategy

It was his dog-like determination that caused the problem.

Yeah, but he's really going to be sweating about nine months from now...

What was he doing in a giant vagi... um, never mind.

How many college guys can say they got stuck in a vagina? Ok, you're probably right.

But how many can say they had their FOOT stuck in a vagina? Duuude!!!

It took 22 firefighters to lube a vagina?

Key good journalism quote: previously mainly attracted juvenile sniggers rather than adventurous explorers

The entrapped could be heard singing
Feeling .. nothing more than feeling ..
Starting to regret my feeling of youuuu

Hmpf. And all this time, I've been wrong on what being "born again" meant.

Let up on the oysters, man. That's just a little too horny.

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