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June 10, 2014


Mexican police arrest man after he takes his baby HIPPO for an evening stroll around neighbourhood

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Soon we'll have no rights left at all.

Incidentally, I saw Baby Hippo open for Fat Joe.

Heavy show.

Really? Arrested for this?

Be careful. It's a hungry, hungry hippo.

Was it an off-leash park?

A hippo was out for a strole'
When the Mexican police shouted ole'
We need to see papers
'Fore this hippo scapers
And for you 30 days in the hole aye.

At least the police shouted, "Ole..." If Jack Bauer were on the hunt for the hippo, he'd just shoot him in the front-left thigh...before trying to keep getting answers out of Simone.

Think of the pooper scooper for that one. Not enough bags in the world.

Wonder what would happen if you ran across someone else walking their hippo ? Hippo havocry ?

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