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June 21, 2014


Naked Man Wearing Only A Sock Delays San Francisco Muni Bus

(Thanks to, it goes without saying, Gargoyle Socks)


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It's guys like him who create the need for high school no-bullying rules need to be reviewed.

He wasn't arrested? Although I'm not sure he would have been arrested here either. I'm sure some of our local good ol'boys would have been happy to explain to him the proper way to dress in public. Especially if their mamas were on the bus.

Must be one of the RHCP (Red Hot Chili Pepers).

Isn't this pretty much a daily occurence in SF?

Rock out with your...um...er...sock out? (RHCP)

Sorry, I must flea.

A pocket full of change in his other sock could have shown him the ow-er of his ways.

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