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June 11, 2014


Florida woman named Crystal Metheny arrested in Polk

The charge: "shooting an offensive missile into a vehicle."

(Thanks to E-40118)


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I wonder if her siblings and cousins are methed up, too.

"But Officer, it was really a Defensive Missile!"

Hiaasen novels make more sense

Was her father named Pat?

(Classic rock Geezer Bus tickets in the lobby for anyone who gets that reference)

Ini California, we always have the most absurd legislation.

I predict a cabinet position to handle this new bill, if passed:


Each participant will have to sign legal documents about consent before having sex. There may be a waiting period, and you need new legal agreements with every partner, or with repeated sex with the same partner - maybe.

I forgot to put the word "college" in above.So far, this new, far-reaching legislation will apply to college students.

Hold on. She shot a MISSLE into a car, and the big news is her NAME?

So exactly how offensive was it?

And how did she "shoot" it?

Bear in mond, that legally, a straw's paper wrapper could be considered a missle. Especially if does any

I'm going out on a limb and claiming he's missing a few liner notes...

A few paragraphs short of a preface?

Perhaps all her rights are not reserved?

"This is not America"

"It was a FRIENDLY missile!"

shooting an offensive missile into a vehicle...
Did she fart?

that's what i'm thinking.

And the sidebar notes that one Edward Cocaine had his drug charges dropped.

I really should move to Florida and take up wildlife watching.

I'm betting it was a potato gun!

Honorary Floridians: Police said they believe Day helped pull the casket out of the ground after Lynch made comments about her father being buried with "the real will."

Read more: http://www.wmur.com/news/man-woman-accused-of-desecrating-colebrook-grave/26435002#ixzz34S0Vze00

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