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June 10, 2014


The First Vertebrate Sexual Organs Evolved as an Extra Pair of Legs

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says, "Stand tall, vertebrates.")


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Interesting looking fish. Nice to know about new creatures. So many out there.

"get a leg over?" really?

can you use that in a sentence?

"hey babe, i wanna get a leg over." is that right? or is it more like "i wouldn't mind getting a leg over her!" or maybe "get a leg over yourself."? inquiring minds want to know.

she's got legs & she knows how to use them

Hey, hey hey...there are kids watching (& doing)!!!

So are you really happy to see me or just showing off your leg?

Guess this is where the term "leg man" came from?

I intend to use "Get a leg over yourself" as often as possible today. Maybe tomorrow too. Thank you mudstuffin in klumbus!

Ah. That might explain why my knee gets stiff.

I often think with the third leg...

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