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June 21, 2014


Grumpy and negative people are more efficient than happy colleagues

(Thanks to Chris Elzi and Rob Simbeck, who says "One needs only visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to disprove this.")


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If this is true then newspapers should be the most efficient places on earth! I just finished a book that gave an inside look at how news and sports departments in a paper worked during the 1980's. It seems like there were a lot of grumpy drunks people staffing those departments back then. I'd rather work with a grump than some idiot that walks around with a stupid smile plastered on their stupid face all day long. I should probably explain here that it's been three weeks since I had a cigarette. I'm a little testy.

I pride myself at being the most efficient person I know. I hate it.

Good point, cindy. If one more grinner tells me to "have a blessed day" I will smack her.

Ands tay off my lawn!

That would make Harry Reid a service wizard.

I think they got it backwards. I'm grumpy and negative because I'm busy being efficient. Happy people aren't doing any work.

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