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June 14, 2014


AUSTIN (KXAN) — MT Supermarket and some of its employees are facing a civil suit that alleges they improperly labeled and sold pizzle, or beef penis, for human consumption.

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Ralph)


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Fo shizzle?

So you're supposed to adulterate it first? I thought that was illegal in the state of Texas.

Drizzle your pizzle with shizzle,
and mizzle your gizzle with fizzle.

Gee, wasn't this a rap song?

All that legalese & nobuddy mentioned how it tasted ...

(Sumhow, the phrase "like chicken" seems inappropriate ...)

If it were most men, "Jerky" would be strangely appropriate.

I'm not sure I understand. If pizzle is "improperly" labeled, does that mean it is labeled "pizzle", or that it is NOT labeled "pizzle?"

Either way I hope it is labeled in big letters, because I do not wish to handle that package. So to speak.

Their slogan was "It's Pizzle Fo Shizzle."

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