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June 30, 2014


Always willing to go the extra mile for historical accuracy in blog posts, the s.b. traveled to what was once our nation's capital (or something like that) ...

...to find out that our plucky little country has come a long way, especially when it comes to meat.


Also, street festivals. We bet Jefferson, Adams, and Washington would have loved food trucks like these, had there been food or trucks back in their day.




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They stopped having news in Philadelphia when John Facenda retired. Or possibly when Tom Synder and Marciarose broke up. As for food, it should be remembered that Ben Franklin brought his own bread with him from Boston.

Perhaps the s.b. thought that there would be different types of meat on display... .

Have they opened any recreational meat shops in Philly yet or are they still just medical dispensaries?

Why is "I" in parenthesis "I" wonder?

Obviously, somebody named "I" smokes the meat. Duh.
But I bet the s.b. could get the job.

Because "we smoke my meat" is not as good a name.

I spent two weeks there one night.

Is there a barbershop thing going on there this week?

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