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June 05, 2014


Pittsburgh police were called to downtown Pittsburgh after a woman was walking around topless.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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"Dispatch, can we have that description again? We just want to make sure it's worth our while."

She picked the wrong city.

New York, no shirt, no problem!

Way too tame for Florida.

What's next? 'Free he Willy'?

Should be Free the Willy

Did she get busted?

I have friends who -hey, that's one of my friends!

The Marquis wins the blog today.


"A witness... said...that she had taken some bad drugs."

kids today, I remember when it was the good drugs that resulted in strolling about the city half-clothed while conversing with imaginary elephants about the nature of red.

Does this type of activity figure in GDP ?

Let's hope she was Sparkle Plenty.

This is what happens when you name your kid Sparkle.

Brass pole not included

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