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June 23, 2014


A RESTAURANT has scored after it started employing big-breasted women to deliver take-out meals to men enjoying the World Cup on television.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Need I say it? Well, someone has to.


And it's not even a Hooters Breastaurant

here's what i found in florida:

...by actual count we found that between weeki wachee and clearwater (a distance of 42 miles) there were 32 pawn shops, 19 porno bookstores or strip clubs and 15 tattoo parlors. we also found that hooters is simply not enough for these people. no, they have imitation hooters in case you can't get a reservation at the regular hooters i guess. we saw billboards for a restaurant called 'wing house'. the billboards featured two buxom ladies in tight t-shirts, one carrying beer, the other wings. then there was 'felons' - a rather esoteric name - their billboard featured three big-chested ladies with wings and beer, and their t-shirts read "busted" well, you know where. less subtle than that was the eatery known as "mugs and jugs" who had the original concept of putting the words "need we say more?" beneath a photograph of beer and wing bedecked women in tight t-shirts on their billboard...

pot & the kettle?


Good thing you stopped counting BEFORE you went through Clearwater. We've probably got twice that many of the above just in this one town, not to mention the original Hooters. And did you happen to see the billboard for the vasectomy doctor, complete with his photo? If I had one, he'd be the last guy I'd let near it.

Just sayin'.

yeah the redneckery didn't seem to be slowing any as we entered town.

Oooooooooooooh mud, great word coinage! I love it - "redneckery" should be added to the OED forthwith.

that is some small boobery around here, that would not get any biz. we do have a drive-thru bikini coffee stand though. four stars!

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