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June 20, 2014


A group of supporters who appeared to jump out of their wheelchairs at Fifa World Cup 2014 games in Brazil are being investigated by police for ticket fraud

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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It's a miracle! I'm healed.

or not

Meh, come to any parking lot in South Florida and see the apparent miracles bestowed upon the occupants (I'm assuming the miracle occurs as they get out of their cars) of just about every vehicle with disability tags.

BTW, my disabled friend made it very clear to me that they could no longer be called "Handicapped" parking spots but rather "Disabled" parking spots. I am not sure when that change happened or why.

WVPlantman: I believe the current PC term is "differently abled," though I may have lost track. Some are certainly "differently enabled" with those special parking tags. ('Not to be cynical; I'm sure there are many for whom there's a valid distinction that should be honored.)

This is fútbol. The sport where players are carried off in a stretcher only to return to the game minutes later.

Why can't fans be like that ?

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