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June 18, 2014


One of the men, Jeffery Smith, told deputies the safe belonged to him but he had forgotten the combination. He said he took it to the church parking lot to open it without waking up his family. According to the charging documents, deputies noticed six bowling balls with the price tags still on them in the back of the men's car. Smith told deputies he likes to bowl and the balls belonged to him.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Such a strange coincidence that a safe and bunch of bowling balls would go missing at the same instant. Still, he has such a reasonable explanation,

I'll bet the Sheriff on FARGO would have let them go.

"That's my story and I'm sticking ... uh, wait ..."

I've had piggy banks you couldn't open by "...hitting (them) against the ground."
And our beloved cat, Jasmine, is buried in a portable document vault from Walmart. My wife wanted to dig her up when we moved but I had a vision of somebody, long after we're gone, finding a surprise "treasure" in their back yard.
Call me evil. 'Cause I'm sure that person will.

A few bowling balls and a safe in your car and all of a sudden the cops are all over you.

He sounds like a very thoughtful young man.

"And that Mona Lisa, you know, I couldn't believe someone found my old painting and stuck it up on that wall in the Loov where I would find it! So I just took it down and brought it back home."

Steve, that really is evil. I like it!

"So now you boys take your safe and your bowling balls and go home and stop disturbing the neighbours."

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