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June 24, 2014


Seattle Woman Sees Drone Peeping Into Her Apartment Window

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, Focalpoint and Poker)


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Was it Margot and Ian?

Every person who commented is sure it was Obama. People have completely lost their minds over this stupid political stuff.

Why do I get the feeling if a man had seen a drone looking in his bedroom window he would have put on one heckuva show?

Last Christmas all the kids got little toy drones. I want one with a net to scoop up the other drones. Heh heh heh.

@NC: Because a man knows a drone would be the only one to stay and watch.

Used to be that a detective would just stake out outside the house of the woman he was following. Divorce surveillance requires a higher education these days.


And it says, "Hi, I'm Jeff Bezos. Free drone shipping with Amazon orders of $35 or more."

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