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June 20, 2014


English man drives Volkswagen onto track during race

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hold my beer and watch this!

The girlfriend was *NOT* amused...

No wonder he was confused. Someone misplaced the steering wheel.
I LOVED how the girlfriend kept grabbing the wheel. That always helps.

I admit the high point for me was the girlfriend's reaction.

Too bad about the video, otherwise it could be blamed on the GPS.

I did this once at a local county fair track, but it wasn't all my fault. I drove in the wrong gate, which was left open by accident, and cut across the parking lot to the ticket booth.

How did I know they had painted a racecourse out there the previous week?

You should have seen the faces of the guys all waving red flags at me!

When I saw the headline I immediately thought "must have been his wife's VW", then it turned out it was his girlfriend's. Same difference. Mostly.

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