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June 17, 2014



(Thanks to Lisa)


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Damn you, Dave.

Uh Barry Manilow..............just a guess

*sends him the Hoff as a present*

Mustn't click... mustn't click...


Not only that, repeated clicking of the "back" button wouldn't work.

I heard it on the radio so I am NOT going to click.

Barry Allen Pincus, Happy 71st.

Like a good neighbor...

Celebrate by burning your record player.

My favorite Manilow verse, which he often does live in concert during A Very Strange Medley:

When that peanut butter sandwich
Goes crashing to the floor
And gets smooshed into the carpeting,
By the brat who lives next door.

Don't grab your broom and dustpan,
or that old Electrolux.

Just grab your Hoover vacuum,
'Cuz Hoover really sucks.

My eyes! My eyes! No, wait -- my ears! My ears!

I still feel cheated when I found out Mandy was a dog.

I went (was forced to; there was no one else to go) with my wife to a concert of his in Baltimore last year. It actually wasn't half bad( It was about 49% bad). I wonder about the question "Famous for-----?".

Mandy was a dog? Now I feel cheated too.

If he keeps having birthdays he's going to get real old.

My standard question for all culture-vultures and Manilow haters: How many gold records do YOU have?

Here's just a sample:

1977 Emmy for Outstanding Special – Comedy, Variety or Music – The Barry Manilow Special

1977 Special Tony Award – Barry Manilow on Broadway

1978 American Music Awards – Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist

1979 Grammy – Copacabana Best Pop Male Vocal Performance

1979 American Music Awards – Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist

1980 American Music Awards – Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist

2002 Songwriter's Hall of Fame

2006 Emmy for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program – Barry Manilow: Music And Passion

2007 RIAA – Plaque commemorating worldwide record sales of 75 million

2009 Clio Awards Honorary award for prior work with commercial jingles

But you all came to bury Manilow, not to praise him...

Mine, too.

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