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June 20, 2014


Another Guy Gets Arrested For Masturbating Inside A Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Just another guy fending off prostate cancer.

It's a conspiracy due to promotional influence causing all this.

He was caught "removing his penis from his khaki shorts".
My god! At my advanced age, and I never knew they were detachable!
I think mine's stuck.

Hmm, the penis pump judge was from a Tulsa suburb.


Hence all the round smiley faces

He needs one of those fancy new Chinese extractor machines.

Oh whacking day, oh whacking day....

If Sam Walton would have known what Wal-Mart would come to he would have burned the first one down and went fishing!

Ya know isn't that dumb. I'd be telling him get a life dude someplace else.

His brother acted in porn films (See another story..) using the alias "Dave Pounder". Alas, his brother, poor Peter, reduced to roles in gay porn and the Wal-Mart express lane...

Think he'll beat the rap?

Aren't there fitting rooms with large mirrors for things like this.

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