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June 08, 2014


The network announced Wednesday a new series titled Born in the Wild that chronicles pregnant women giving birth outdoors, unassisted by doctors.

Warning: Scary photo of woman giving birth outdoors unassisted by doctors.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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We have been doing that for millions of years. But at the same time, we've been dying in childbirth for millions of years.

I vote we watch the Khardasians instead.

I'm glad this is on ew.com because that's what I have to say about it: ew.

I remember when Lifetime had good wholesome family fare like "The Burning Bed" or the like.

But seriously, this is just stupid and sick and it's time to stop it.

Mikey, do you mean you vote we watch the Kardashians give birth in the wild and, possibly, die because if so, I am with you?

Jeff, when you have 20 gozzillion stations to choose from you have to do something, I guess.

I give it a week.

Your warning needs to be much stronger.

I hope they do a follow up show in about 16 years where they get to explain to their children why they did something this stupid on TV. I'd watch that. This show? No way.

Will there be a campfire and smores...?

*snork* at Jeff Meyerson

Instead of this type of garbage what we need to be seeing is more abusive people get burned alive in their sleep. Kids can at least learn some good values that way.

If someone's going to be screaming in the woods while the camp counselors are telling ghost stories, that might be kinda cool.

Children suffer for the stupidity of the parents, as the Bible predicted.

And everyone else predicted. Never underestimate the stupidity of some people.

I, for one, am overwhelmingly supporting this type of show.
Cull the herd and all.
Way overdue.

Can't fix stoopid.

If rather watch babies being made in the wild...just sayin..

She gave birth to that pile of rocks?

Anybody read the old Harlan Ellison anti-television essay "The Glass Teat?"

I'm guessing this is the next step...

Oh my word a reality show. I couldn't imagine this. What is wrong with people?

To cover their ass, I expect the show will require prenatal care, and eliminate any obvious risks. U.S. low-risk home births attended by certified nurse midwives have complication statistics about the same as for hospital births. I'd be more worried about insects and a non-sterile production crew.

I still fail to see the attraction of watching women in pain expelling bloody body parts. How about a show about Randy the guinea pig instead?



Guess people aren't satisfied to watch boring in-hospital births.

Dear Lord in heaven, please let the following not be a related news item:


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