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June 17, 2014


Hey Dave --

We did a video to raise awareness of the importance of Supercomputing:

I'm in the background there, somewhere.  My buddy Dave (everyone I know is named Dave), is the lead person in the video.
p.s. Oh, and if you could "like" it on YouTube, that'd help us out! We're having a contest for the best video.


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I liked it, too! Yay, Amazing Steve!

Thanks, Dave!

Liked. I especially liked the newest processor ..

i don't do facebook, but i like it

(i think steve is the bearded mohel)

Sooner or later, they write a Shakespeare play.

I also liked it and "liked" it. Amazing!

For the record, our sun does not have enough mass to go supernova. It will only go nova. Earth will be toast either way, but still.

Good video.

If the sun blows up, I'm outa here.


NCSA? I remember that name all wrapped in the download of my Claarkson Packet Drivers, circa 1989 or so. (Also, duh, NCSA Telnet)

Nice video. Reminds me in style of one of the first parody videos Dave posted here: Daddy is a Fudge-Packer (Down at the local plant, you perverts!)

PB, yes, that's the place!

THAT was funny. Maybe Jack Bauer versus a supercomputer...or Jack shooting it in the bios to get info out of it......

wow, the bit where they drag off the old guy and bring in the kid is the story of our economy now. In my biz, Archytekure, the great recession meant that 90% were laid off, and when it recovered slightly, only youngs were hired. So the 40-50yr+ old males were never going to be rehired. FCK YOU BANKSTERS.

I thought I had a supercomputer but, man, did it fail that flying test.

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