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June 30, 2014


A Utah man will be jailed after a fight over pew space at a Mormon meetinghouse.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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This is why cars should not be allowed in church.

True: a fight once broke out between two of my co-workers during a "Social and Emotional Development" workshop.

He has to sit in his own pew...? What are you implying ?

Too much caffeine? Oh, wait...

...Methinks the defendant still hasn't mastered the whole "Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you" thing...


Maybe somebody on "24" finally figured out an effective perimeter...and put it around the Blog to keep Dave and tonight's "24" thread out.


Wow, Awwwdrey just showed a little backbone - and temper - to Mark. That's shocking...

Beat the Sihitie out of him Jack....

AAAAAAAAAA....they preempted to a weather warning just as Jack...SOB....was going to beat the shitake out of that weasel....SOB>......

We're posting in last week's thread, FYI.

Well...off to last week's thread, then.

Presbyterian confirmation is about as competitive as the LDS baby blessing.

"A Utah man will be jailed after a fight over pew space..."

Sounds like a smelly story.

Punch plus hit with car-- almost a hat trick.

As the good book says, "Do unto others...first."

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