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May 17, 2014


Study suggests short men may live longer

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Attaching a protective form of the longevity gene requires multiple face lift surgeries and a fair share of hip replacements.

Short in what sense...?

Kind of blows that Randy Newman song, doesn't it?


Does this apply to short women too?

Hey, I've begun getting shorter with age! Will that help me live longer?

Not gonna make it all the way to 5'2", though.

That is good news, as I am short. But only in height.

Honolulu is a state?

I did NOT know that!

Great, we get to be short longer. Woo-hoo.

About 60 years ago, I developed my first ambition: grow to be 6 feet tall.
I'm starting to think I may not make it, in that I never did and I appear to be going the other direction.
On the other hand, I do appear to be getting wider.
So this study means what to me? Good or bad?
Guess I'll just live 'til I die. Like everyone else.

Then there's the whole stuffed-in-a-locker thing.

Oh great, I'm tall and argue a lot. I may not make it to summer.

That might explain the smirk on Peter Dinklage's face...


They say it has something to do with FOX 03.

I looked at the Fox TV Website, and I found some Fox 2, Fox 5, Fox 32, even a Fox 61, but no Fox 3.

Of course they do. They're never asked to get things off the top shelf, so they're never crushed by falling objects.

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