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May 07, 2014


Worcester Man Allegedly Caught Riding On Top of Moving Train While Wearing a Sombrero

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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If you want to be noted on this blog, wearing a sombrero is a good start.

Hey, it was Cinco de Mayo, OK?


That was a pub crawl to remember.

If only he'd brought and been playing his guitar.
Musicians are beloved when they enetrtain us with music and song, no?

That must have been AWESOME! It should become an Olympic sport.

Surprised the sombrero stayed on, that's a lot of wind resistance!

He must of been 3 sheets to the wind.


I saw Sombrero Train warming up for Los Lobos back in '94. Helluva show.

You neglected to mention the subtitle:

He was also wearing a poncho, police said.

Senor Topham Hatt.

Well, what is the proper attire for train-top riding, if not a sombrero and a poncho?

His alcohol breath was Boston Strong.

As I understand it the ladies of this blog are fond of men who loosely wear kilts. So how about a poncho blowing in the wind? Is a sombrero not a beret? Sort of? Does not the singing of a Cinco de Mayo celebrator resemble the soothing notes of a bagpipe? Get with this one blogettes!

Proper attire is a a cowboy hat, not a sombrero. And it's not supposed to be on a train.

"Oh Poncho!" "Oh Cisco!".

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