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May 13, 2014


Texas woman finds 12-foot python in bathroom

(Thanks to Miss Caitlin Gibson)


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Our guinea pig hates baths. Now I understand why.

A great idea for a Disney pictures presentation.

Keep your back door closed. Burn your tub.

It was hoping for Guinea Pig soup?

Returned to its owner???

I'd have used my 12-gauge to de-snakify the intruder.

Question. How do you thigh-shoot a snake?


Sounds like a BBque, call the neighbors and tell them to bring the BRRRS.

The Three Little Guinea Pigs is a very different kind of fairy tale.

"Bathing the guinea pigs"

I have friends who call that foreplay.

Pro Tip: do NOT google "guinea pigs Peru." And don't make it an image search if you do.

They taste good with BBQ sauce

Or so I have heard

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