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May 20, 2014


Remember this sixth-grader?


Rob is now 33, and today he became a dad. Dylan Maxwell Barry was born at 10:43 a.m., weighing in at five pounds, 1.5 ounces. Mom Laura and young Dylan are both doing fine.

This means that this blog is... Yikes.




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Congratulations to your son. And to Grandpa Dave.

Congratulations to Rob, Laura and Dylan!

Dave, don't worry. This means there will be an upcoming opportunity to drive that Oscar Weinermobile to a middle school to freak out Dylan!

I mean, you do still have that parked in your driveway, right?


There is a pending name change, it will now be known as;

Grandpa Dave's Blog

Get the grand kids all sugared up then give them back to their parents.

Payback is a B*tch!

Old Man Barry.

Sweet ride Dave!

Congratulations to Rob, Laura, Grand-Blog, and Auntie Sophie.

Rob - the head trip will come when you say something to Dylan that your dad said to you.

Mazal tov to the whole family!

Awwwwwwww!! So cute. Little boys are so much fun.

It's great being a grandfather.Congratulations !

Ah, reminds of the day I was born my papa's son.
When I hit the ground I was on the run. With a strap right across my back. On the south side of the racks just down from the manger.

Congratulations! Dylan is beautiful and everyone looks so happy. Dave the grandparent thing really hits home when you're behind a slow car and yell, something along the lines of hurry up grandpa(or grandma)and then you realize you're one too.

happy day! congrats and huge hugs to Rob and Laura and the littlest Barry :)

Sugar, kids like lots and lots of sugar!!

Congratulations, Dave!

I'm a Grandpa for 13 months now which is still very strange for me seeing as how I skipped over being the Pa and went right to the Grand.

So far, so good.

Congrats. Good day to be born. My first grandson turns one today. Better than your own.

Mazel Tov to all!!

Fast-forward eighteen years, and whose daughters will Dylan be allowed to date?

Congratulations to Rob, Laura and Dave!

I've got two great nephews who are idiots. :) You'll gets LOTS of material from Dylan!

Congratulations Grandpa Dave. Read your article today for June's Readers Digest. Funny

Splendid news. Congratulations to all. Fab photo.

Congratulations to all in the Barry extended family. Good looking family.

Aww! Congratulations, Gramps! :-)

Just look at the headlights on that Wienermobile.

No, that's not a euphemism.

Mazel tov to the whole Barry clan!

("Grandpa Blog" does have a certain ring to it.)

*waits impatiently for the photos of Grandpa Blog picking Dylan up at school in the Weinermobile™*

Congratulations Rob, Laura and Dylan! And especially congratulations to Grandpa Dave, Grandma Michelle and Aunt Sophie! having a grandchild is great!

Yay Grandpa Dave!

We all told judi to tase you yesterday in an effort to get the Blog working. Now I know why you didn't notice!

IMPOSSIBLE!! I, for one, have not gotten any older. Now make that son of yours do dinosaur noises so that I feel better.

BTW ~ I can already tell that baby has hid grandfather's (!) sense of humor.

Dave, it's a wonderful thing, once the anger and denial fade.

Also grandparents and their grand children get along so well because they have a common enemy!

Congrats to the new mom and dad. A beautiful new family.

This joint is now officially The Geezer Bus™.

Congratulations to Rob, Laura and Grandpa Dave! Wishing many Blessings on the Baby Barry :)

'snips and snails and puppy dogs tails. . .'

...and poopy & pee pee & burpees & farties -

yeah, little boys are awesome ;)

congrats to all !

Congratulations Dave! Just think how much Dylan will LOVE hearing the tale of when you fully embarrassed his father!

Congratulations Dave! Please post a photo the first time he expels bodily fluid onto you -- that's the when you actually become a grampa.

Congratulations to all involved and welcome, Dylan.

Congratulations to the high school class of 2032!

Let's see...18 years, add the 2, carry the 1....

I'll be *older* by that time!

In dog-years, I'll be dead!


Mazel Tov!

Sign her up for soccer and volunteer to be her coach. Outsource the training to a younger family member.

aww.. Congrats, Gramps and family!


Congrats Grandpa!

But looking at pictures of my daughter after she gave birth, it's obvious she got much better drugs.

Congratulations, Dave and everyone! Best thing about being a grandparent is you get to play with the baby, and then hand it back if it starts throwing up. :)

Congratulations to all the Barrys involved. I celebrate my first grandbaby's first birthday next Thursday. There's nothing like it.

But...but... It's not June! I was hoping Dylan would be born on MY birthday (6/17). Oh well. Congratulations to Mom & Dad, and of course to grandpa!!


You have Barry Manilow's birthday! That's WAAAAY better! :)

Not enough love in the world - Congrats Dave - If you bring your grandchild half as much joy as you hae brought us over the years, that will be a special child!! (AND NO I dont mean THAT way!)

Congrats to all!

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