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May 07, 2014


Man undergoing minor surgery given vasectomy by mistake

(Thanks to Charles Cates, Another Ralph, Rob Simbeck and Jeff Schneider)

This blog is far too classy to make mention of the name of the hospital's medical director.


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'It was a mistake' Tom said in a clipped voice...

Justin Bieber undergoes a minor urological procedure where the operation was performed on the 'wrong side'. In Mr. Bieber's case, a pair of tiny testicles were surgically removed along with an extremely tiny appendage located near the area. Just dreaming.

The wrong site? WTFBBQ does that even mean in this context?

Does Peter or the surgeon on duty need glasses?

They did send the victim a nice basket of english
sausages called Bangers, and a sparsely typed apology
card, however.

I'm sorry, but there is a vas deferens between the ureter and the epididyms.

Yeah, that is a big ooops.

It's only their second Never event since 2011, so cut give them a break.

Wait, what? "Only" their second Never Event since 2011?!

I designed a renovation to a mcMansion for a surgeon who was home all day, it came out that he had been asked to step aside from actual surgery, and advise the hospital on policy. you can imagine what happened...

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