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May 25, 2014




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Since the comments to the baby picture are closed let me say it here: congratulations again, Grandpa Dave. He's a keeper.

How long until you take Dylan for his first Weinermobile ride?

dave's in nyc stocking up on camera equipment for the newest addition ?

Buy lots of that new digital film. I hear it's quite expensive per roll, so get the bulk pack from Vinnie around back.

Grandpa Dave be sure to put up some new pictures of the baby.

Idea: take the baby to the camera shop and cut out the middle-man.

NY Souvenirs: Sock-clad Elliot Spitzer statuettes. 6 set Bloomberg 36 oz Coca Cola classes. Alec Baldwin's " Curse Like A New Yorker " Guide. De Blasio autographed snow shovels.

Ripoff artists.


There's a disco dancer at the bus stop.

BTW, this is a great photo. It truly is Hopper-esque.

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