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May 01, 2014


They're having a drought out here.



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A CA driver's license is on the way. To the steer.

Hay - that's my car - I've been waiting for heifer for Dave to get here.

Are they bringing back the Impala?

Like...tote fab night with Dave!!! So über-snorkular!!

Where are you in/near LA? I know places that have beer!

The 20.47 inches that fell in Pensacola, Florida (Monday to Wednesday) is more rain than Los Angeles has received in 2012, 2013, and 2014 combined.

MOOOve over!

Last night Dave's cousin and I told him about the LA legend, Nudie & the Nudie Mobile. Similar to the Weinermobile, only hornier.

Los Angeles is the new Death Valley?

Just asking...

A reminder to check your steering.

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