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May 04, 2014


Whale Washes up in New Jersey, Gets Graffiti Tag

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Go ahead, Christie, you tell him he's all washed up!

Edgar? Jack needs you in London!

Yet another reason why I left the state.

Glad to see the Jersey youts are doing their part to tag endangered wildlife.

Surprises me it didn't get its hubcaps stolen.

Smooth. Real smooth.

You gotta draw the line somewhere!

Thar she bros!

*classy all the way, Tau Ep*

A campfire, strewn about soiled clothes, several stolen grocery carts stacked with plastic containers ready to be recycled, a discarded dirty watch cap and a considerable number of piles of human excrement were also recovered from the scene. Police are looking for a homeless man. Also an unruly crowd who left the nearby Denny's after stealing the crayons and coloring books from the front desk are suspect.

Whoever was supposed to take care of the school mascot this weekend is in some serious trouble.

I'm just glad it wasn't Phi Sig

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